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The Monsoon in Munnar - explore the best of Munnar with the Wind

Monsoon in Kerala

The Wind Munnar - best hotel to stay in Munnar

Those who have wondered why Kerala is known as ‘God’s Own Country’ must visit Kerala in the monsoon season and experience the enchanting artwork of nature. Kerala, the all-season favourite tourist destination is especially charming in the monsoon season. It’s the time when this beautiful piece of land turns into various shades of green giving a feast to the eyes.

The monsoons in Kerala is not just about the rain but also the beautiful moments one gets to cherish at this time. The smell of the dry earth getting drenched, the feeling we get to see the dark clouds forming up in the sky takes us to our childhood memories where, as kids we used to play in the puddles formed in the rain. The monsoon is sure to hold a nostalgic memory for each and every one.

Visiting Kerala at the time of monsoons is a very refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Kerala doesn’t have incessant rain instead, you can experience the refreshing sight of sun interluding in between to balance the cold weather and at times creating a rainbow in the sky. A place that offers such an alluring climate and incredible sight of nature is so rare in other parts of India.

The higher the altitude, the more beautiful a place becomes after the rain. To catch the sight of the high mountains being kissed by the monsoon clouds, pack your bags and set out to Munnar, the queen of hill stations.

Munnar in the Monsoon Season

To escape from the mundane of daily lives, it is good once in a while to leave the busy city life and find shelter in nature. Munnar in the monsoon season becomes livelier, colourful and vibrant as nature itself recoups with the rain.

Munnar which is at a height of 6,000 ft above the sea level is a confluence of 3 rivers, Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundaly. The higher the altitude, the lovelier the sight of rain becomes. The mist covered hills, cascading waterfalls, gushing streams and the soothing emerald green tea plantations gives a spectacular feast for travellers. After all, Munnar isn’t called the Queen of Hill Stations for nothing.

Although the best season to visit Munnar is September to November and January to March, visiting Munnar in June and August will give you a chance to explore the mist covered Munnar. You can feel the freshness all around. Also, as it is offseason, you can enjoy some discounts on hotel and resort tariff. Moreover, you can enjoy Munnar without any hassle bustle. It’s a good time for honeymoon as Munnar is not crowded as usual but keep in mind that you may encounter with occasional showers.

Munnar, also known as lover’s paradise is even more romantic in the monsoons. The drizzling rain and the cool atmosphere is just apt for your honeymoon. Enjoy the heart-warming sights of Munnar drenched in rain, the gentle breeze and the pleasant weather from the resort in Munnar which you stay. You can also catch the glimpse of the rainbow from the balcony of your cottage in Munnar, for which The Wind Munnar would be the right choice. The cottages at the Wind has a private balcony where you can enjoy your favourite cup of tea with your partner listening to the pitter-patter of the rain soaking the adjacent hills, valleys, and tea estates.

At the Wind Munnar, you can enjoy the monsoon to the core as the resort itself is wrapped in lush green foliage. This resort in Munnar provides the perfect ambience and amenities for you to enjoy your holidays in Munnar and is a perfect place to spend your honeymoon. With the cliff edge cottage, the beauty of mist-covered hills, and the vibrant greenery of the tea plantations around the Wind Munnar is sure to make your monsoon memorable. Never miss out the monsoon in Munnar!