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Echo Point

When talking about natural beauty, Munnar is blessed in abundance and there is no other place that can replace her for her charm. Each and every destination here has their own spectacular feature for which they attract several eyes. The Echo Point which is situated at around 15 km away from Munnar is one such place. Located at an altitude of 600 feet, this famous tourist destination is en route the Top Station. As the name indicates, Top station, located at about 32 km from Munnar at an altitude of 1,700 metres is the highest point in Munnar and is located on the Munnar – Kodaikanal road.

Echo Point is quite renowned for the natural ‘echo’ phenomenon and its picturesque views. Situated at the banks of a lake, Echo Point has nature’s prime colour – green all over the place. This famous tourist destination is one of the all-time favourites among all nature lovers and daring trekkers. The place offers the apt topography for conducting nature walks and trekking.

Here, it’s hear what you just said!

‘Echo’ is an acoustic phenomenon which is caused due to the reflection of sound waves that arrives at the listener with a small delay after the direct sound has been produced. This ‘echo’ phenomenon is what that makes the Echo Point special. Shout and scream all you want form the banks of the lake and hear what you just said in a magnified, loud and clear echo! Experience the echo phenomenon that is produced naturally, the cool breeze and scenic beauty all around the place.

Echo Point is a must see destination for all travelling to visit the Top Station. Top Station got its name from the fact that it was the uppermost railway station located on the Kundala valley. This major tourist destination is also famous for the sightings of the Neelakurinji bloom. The Neelakurinji is a type of flower that blooms only once in 12 years. The flower has a special blue colour that gives the place a tantalizing bluish effect during its bloom. The next bloom of the Neelakurinji is expected to occur in the year 2018.