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Jeep Safari

It might be a bit rough, but the Kolukkumalai jeep safari ride is one that many of the adventure seekers enjoy. Located at about 35 to 40 km away from The Wind Munnar – Munnar’s premium cliff edge cottage is Kolukkumalai, the second highest peak in South India. Kolukkumalai is famous for the magnificent views it offers and is one among the best viewpoints situated in Munnar. The journey to Kolukkumalai is ideal for jeep safari. Enjoy the fresh air and the picturesque views; take a few snaps as you ascend – you surely will enjoy this bumpy ride.

Once, atop the hill, the sights offered are mesmerizing – one can enjoy the most tantalizing views of the surrounding villages, savour the fresh air and the cool breeze that brushes through your face and hair and sights of the unspoiled greenery of Munnar beneath. The Jaguar Rock (a rock in the shape of a jaguar’s head) is a major attraction here; don’t miss the fun in taking up as many snaps as you can with the jaguar! The journey to and back from Kolukkumalai will take at least 5 hrs and would definitely be bumpy. But, when compared to the wonderful moments that this destination assures one, the journey would be worth the effort.

Either en route or while returning back, one could visit the famous Harrisons Malayalam Tea Factory (entry fee is applicable). Watch how the main ingredient in your everyday refresher, tea is processed – how the leaves are plucked, processed and packed. One could also purchase the freshly processed tea leaves and also enjoy a cup of fresh tea!

The Munnar jeep safari ride can be organised starting from The Wind Munnar wherein, the driver would arrive to pick you up. Kindly do keep in mind: the jeep safari ride will be jerky and so it is advisable that people having spine or other related health issues and pregnant ladies avoid this activity. Stay safe and happy!