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Lying on the eastern side of the Western Ghats at about 40 km from Munnar is Marayoor, one of the most sought-after hill stations. Rich in scenic beauty and a number of attractions, this little hill station is less explored when compared with Munnar. Some of the major attractions at Marayoor are the sandalwood forests, Kanthalloor, Dolmens, Marayoor jaggery, etc. The place has excellent geographical topography that is best suitable for conducting activities like trekking. Thus, with unmatched pristine natural beauty Marayoor has won a place among the must-see places when planning for a holiday at Munnar.

One of the major fact for which Marayoor is famous for is the Sandalwood forests. Marayoor is the only place in Kerala that houses the natural sandalwood forests. These forests are maintained and conserved by the Kerala Forest Department and a refreshing stroll through these forests requires the permission from the Forest department. Scientifically known as Santalum album, the sandalwood tree is a parasitic tree with yellowish heartwood that has a rich fragrance. Sandalwood has been widely used for many spiritual and religious traditions in India since earlier times. It was also used in the traditional medicinal practices. The sandalwood oil which is extracted from the tree’s roots and wood is very costly and is also known as ‘liquid gold’.

Another major attraction at Marayoor is the Dolmens (or the Muniyara) which are believed to be stone coffins having underground tunnels. These Dolmens are built-up using rocks and they date back to the Neolithic period. Many of these Dolmens made from stone can be found near the old Siva Temple at Kovilkadavu and near the river Pambar. Out of the several Dolmens (or Muniyara) discovered some had fragments of burial urn near them; indicating that these were used as burial chambers. While the others having greater height are believed to have been used for the habitation of people.

Home of the natural sandalwood forests

Maintained by the Kerala Forest Department, Marayoor is the only place in Kerala where the natural sandalwood forests grow.

Kanthaloor – the tranquil hill station

With charming landscape and cool climate, this hill station favours the growth of crops that are not widely seen in other parts of Kerala.

The sweetest jaggery in the world

Containing 97% of sugar content, the Marayoor jaggery (or ‘Marayoor sarkara’) is one of the best and sweetest in the world.

Situated at an altitude of about 5,000 feet above sea level and located 57 km from Munnar is Kanthalloor, a silent hill station that now have been attracting the lot enjoying their holiday at Munnar. The cool climatic conditions and the elevation of the place above the sea level has made Kanthalloor the best suited place to grow many of the crops and fruits that are not usually found growing in other parts of the state like apples, oranges, strawberries, plums, carrot, garlic, etc. The step farming method practiced here for cultivation has attracted many. Kanthalloor also has many hills, waterfalls and tea estates that provide picturesque scenery. Marayoor is also famous for its jaggery. The Marayoor jaggery or Marayoor sarkara are the sweetest in the world with 97% sugar content in them. The richness in the quality of the jaggery is due to the speciality in temperature and the pH value of the earth. Since Marayoor is located in the rain shadow region, the place provides the apt conditions for the cultivation of good quality sugarcanes from which the jaggery is made.