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Cliff Edge Restaurant

the best Multi cuisine restaurant in Munnar

Multi cuisine restaurant in Munnar - enriched dining beyond expectation

Food has a major role to play during any holiday. Delicious food that make a person’s mind and stomach contented will indeed be one of the evergreen memories from any holiday. The Wind Munnar, one among the best cliff edge resorts in Munnar has a multi cuisine cliff edge restaurant that serves finger-licking good food. The dishes prepared and served range from the traditional Kerala cuisine to the exotic continental cuisine. At Wind Munnar, the heart contented smile from our guests is the greatest token of appreciation. And so, at our multi cuisine cliff edge restaurant in Munnar, we just don’t cook food; rather, we prepare a world of rich delicacies just for you! Many of our Chinese and Continental dishes are famous among the guests and the Indian dishes prepared here range from the savouries of North Indian food to the sweet ‘Payasam’ of South India.

A few points about this multi cuisine restaurant in Munnar; you might not want to miss out on these:

  • Only A la carte menu service system is followed for all the meals served here.
  • No buffet servings.
  • Jain food is available and is served as per the request from the guest.
  • Only ‘halal’ food is served here.
  • Candle light dinner arrangements can be made in the room or at the restaurant upon request. There is no additional service fee charged for the same.

Note: Kindly ensure to mention all your food/ taste preferences (especially allergic issues), if any at the time of ordering. We want our guests to experience the best and your preferences will be considered and given the top most priority.

Just the way you like it

The multi cuisine restaurant here serves an A la carte menu system in order to satisfy the unique tastes of each of our guests.

Your feedbacks matter!

Feedbacks from our guests are our key to improvements. They matter to us so much that we take special care in knowing them.

Perfect place. Best experience.

The serene surroundings and the picturesque beauty of Munnar will assure one the best dining experience.

The trained and well-experienced restaurant team works ceaselessly to understand the food preferences of each of our guests to ensure them the best food experience. Since the food interests differ from person to person, an A le carte menu service system is followed here. Each dish at this multi cuisine restaurant is prepared with utmost care using fresh ingredients while maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Thus, the food you ordered may take about 35 minutes to 40 minutes to reach your tables. This is to ensure that the food served is not just a feast to the eye, but also the stomach that gives one the most contented feeling.

We, at The Wind Munnar value deeply our guest’s interests and so instant reviews and feedbacks on the food served is taken so as to examine ourselves and also to ensure one the best culinary experience beyond their expectation. The resort’s design on the cliff-edge adds up the dining experience. In this multi cuisine restaurant, one can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the scenic beauty of Munnar.

With delicious food satisfying one’s individual tastes, served with utmost care at their convenience, the multi cuisine restaurant at The Wind Munnar – the cliff edge cottage guarantees one the best dining experience with an exemplary cuisine and charming views of Munnar.