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Muniyara Visit

Muniyara (also known as Dolmens) are structures built up using large stones. The structure consists of several huge stones that are covered by a single large stone on top called the cap stone. Some of the Muniyaras consist of several burial chambers while some contain just a single chamber. These Dolmens belong to the Megalethic age and the site where they can be found has been a favourite spot among archaeologists from all around the globe. At Munnar the Muniyaras can be spotted at a distance of about just 1.5 km from The Wind Munnar – Munnar’s premium cliff edge cottage!

One could reach the Dolmens either by a short drive or by trekking to the place. For enjoying the journey to the Muniyara, the preferable method would be trekking during the evening at around 4:00 pm or before 5:30 pm. The place has scenic unspoiled beauty to offer to all those arriving. The sunset viewed from here is a breath-taking one (depending on the climatic conditions at the time); the beauty of which cannot just be explained but, should be experienced! Assuring 360° view, the place offers a great deal of sights for all to enjoy and loads of opportunities to a shutterbug to show-off his photographic skills. Also, the serene atmosphere of the location has also made it a favourite spot among honeymooners.

Guidelines to reach the site would readily be available at the travel desk at The Wind Munnar. Guides can also be arranged upon the guest’s request. So, reaching the Muniyara would never be a problem! Enjoy a fun trip exploring the Muniyara.