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Village Visit

One can get to know the culture and traditions of a certain place by exploring the villages. Get to know the lifestyle of the people in Munnar by opting for the village visit activity. With the climatic conditions at Munnar favourable for the cultivation of tea leaves, one can find a number of tea plantations in the place. In most of the tea plantations, it is the local people that engage in the job of plucking tea leaves. This is one of the significant ways through which many of the commoners earn their livelihood. Thus, one can find the villages close-by the plantations. A visit to these villages will help one in knowing the culture and tradition of the people belonging to the place.

In order to undertake the village visit activity, tourists will be accompanied by guides. Vehicles would be arranged to cater to the travelling needs of the tourists through the villages. Enjoy the huts and the shanties of the villagers residing among the terraced tea plantations all around. Walk around the village, feel the cool breeze and enjoy the hearty warm welcome from the villagers, capture a few snaps with the local people, go fishing; these are just some of the ways to turn the beautiful day into a cherishable memory!