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Anayirankal Dam

Anayirankal dam, now a major attraction at Munnar is a place that is so abundantly blessed by nature that it now ranks high among the places that are unavoidable on one’s visit to Munnar. This famous tourist destination lies not far, at a distance of about 7 km from The Wind Munnar – Munnar’s premium cliff edge cottage. The place is bordered by thick evergreen forests and tea plantations. Thus, Anayirankal dam wears the prime colour of nature all around attracting many nature lovers. Those travelling on either direction on the Munnar-Thekkady route are sure to spend some time in the place.

Since, a portion of the banks of the Anayirankal borders with the evergreen forests, the dam is also a major source of water for the wildlife living within the forests. And so, tourists can watch herds of elephants on the banks of the Anayirankal as they arrive to quench their thirst. In fact, this activity won Anayirankal its name! The place also shelters some rare species of seasonal birds and so attracts a large number of bird lovers. The tea plantations surrounding the place at one look makes one feel as if a green carpet has been spread all over. The majority of the tea plantation in the place is owned by Tata Tea group.

One other major reason that keeps tourists arriving at the Anayirankal is the different fun-filled thrilling activities organised at the place; the major activity being boating. Introducing the boating activity at Anayirankal was the visionary idea of the Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (KHTC). The boating activity was introduced as a part of the Anayirankal Hydel Tourism project to promote the development of the place on seeing its potential to be a major tourist destination. Registered during the year 1999, the Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (KHTC) is a unit of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) whose main objective is to ensure the effective utilization of water based tourism potential in the natural surroundings of the hydel projects while conserving the ecology of the area.


Cruise through the serene waters.

Enjoy the fresh air and scenic beauty all around the Anayirankal Dam as you cut through the calm waters on a speed boat.

Welcome to the shutterbug’s paradise!

Turn your camera to anywhere and focus a bit; there’ll be something or other that is sure to catch your attention.

The terrain’s a tough one?

The mountain biking activity is sure to soften the terrain ahead a bit. Enjoy a rejuvenating ride through the tea plantations.

There is an entry fee which has to be paid as one visits the Anayirankal dam and the boating activity organised at the Anayirankal has speed boat services that costs Rupees 750 (for 5 pax.) Visitors can cruise through the lake and if lucky, can get a glimpse of the elephant herd or other wild animals as they approach the banks to quench their thirst. The speed boat and the mountain biking activities organised at the Anayirankal is sure to give all adventure lovers the thrills they seek. The place is neatly maintained with all the necessary facilities like eateries and excellent sanitary facilities. The route to the Anayirankal dam in Munnar is also rich in nature’s scenic beauty. There are many spots wherein, one can stop their vehicle and get a good view or some excellent snaps. Altogether, a journey to Anayirankal in Munnar will be worth the effort! Enjoy the beauty of the place, go on for boating or mountain biking, take some clicks and turn the day into a beautiful memory.