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Lockhart Gap

The Lockhart Gap is one of the major attractions in Munnar that assures one the best views of serene nature. Lockhart Gap is located 13 km away from Munnar and is just 7 km away from The Wind Munnar – Munnar’s much preferred cliff edge cottage. The Lockhart Gap view in Munnar is one among those never-miss attractions in Munnar for all those who love to enjoy the lush greenery of the valleys below and the refreshingly cool mountain breeze. The place is one of the best viewpoints in Munnar that gives panoramic views of the unspoiled beauty of Munnar. Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful views, another attraction the place has to offer is a cave with the name ‘Malayil Kallan Guha’.

What once was a fear is now a wonder!

The interesting story behind the cave at the Lockhart gap known as the ‘Malayil Kallan Guha’ was that it once sheltered a thief who used to loot passers-by! The path at the time which was feared by all is now looked upon by tourists with awe. The cave now stands as one of the prominent attraction at Lockhart Gap reminding all of a time during which no one could pass that way without the fear of being robbed.

With the trails through thick forests, Lockhart Gap is a place that is ideal for activities like trekking, nature walks, etc. The forests here contain a variety of flora and fauna. The Lockhart Gap viewpoint in Munnar is a paradise for all; nature enthusiasts, honeymoon goers and shutterbugs alike. The panoramic view from the hilltop assures one a bird’s view. Any with a taste for photography will find many interesting sights and scenery that would keep one clicking his camera over and over again. The sights from Lockhart Gap viewpoint in Munnar are much prettier during the evening as the time nears towards sunset. It is then that all of the surroundings are illuminated with the orange glow of the setting sun.