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Trekking is one the most adventurous and fun-filled activity that sends the adrenaline rushing through the nerves of many adventure lovers. Blessed abundantly by nature, Kerala has a number of places that are ideal for trekking. With the apt natural topography, Munnar, one of the most famous tourist destinations in India has quite a number of places that has a lot to offer for trekking enthusiasts.

With scenic hills and greenery all around, Munnar is the perfect place to unwind. Watch the green valleys, the hills and the variety of flora and fauna all around; enjoy the treats of nature as one goes on for trekking. Trek for about 1.5 km from The Wind Munnar and one can reach Muniyara (or Dolmens). Belonging to the Megalithic age, these structures built up of large stones have great historical significance and is one among the favourite places for archaeologists and anthropologists from all around the world. The Muniyaras, some of them contain several burial chambers while, others contain just a single chamber. The scenic beauty and the calmness the place offers make it a favourite spot among all, especially honeymooners.

The most preferable time to trek to the Dolmens would be during the evening before it gets dark; at a time between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Guidelines on how to reach the place would be provided at the travel desk at the resort. Also, guide facility can be arranged for upon the guest’s request.