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Blessed abundantly by nature Mattupetty is located 13 km from Munnar. Lying close to the Anamudi peak, Mattupetty lies at an altitude of about 1,700 metres. The hill station is surrounded by scenic views os nature that includes the hills, and greenery of thick vegetation. The major attraction at Mattupetty is the dam and lake of the same name, Mattuppetty. The Mattupetty dam was constructed in the late 1940s under the Pallivasal Hydro-electric project as a storage concrete gravity dam. Hence, the main purpose of the dam is to hold back water, conserving it and also for power generation. Today, the dam is a major source for generation of electricity in Munnar and is also a major source of water for wild animals and birds.

At Mattupetty, one can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the surroundings. To add up the beauty of the place, the serene water in the dam too reflects the surroundings. Boating is another major activity at Mattupetty that attracts the lot. Tourists can enjoy the serene waters on a low speed boat; while, adventure seekers can opt for speed boats to cruise around the dam. The boating facilities at the Mattupetty dam is organised by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Idukki.

A short distance away from the Mattupetty dam lays a breathtakingly beautiful lake surrounded by the Shola forests, tea gardens and hills. The peaceful atmosphere at the lake will assure one moments of tranquillity. Major attraction at the place is boating. Adventure lovers can also opt for trekking into the Shola forests nearby.

Haven for the wildlife and birds.

Mattupetty dam being a storage dam ensures a continuous supply of water for the wildlife and birds of the surrounding areas.

Cruise through the serene waters.

Enjoy the serenity of the waters, the cool fresh breeze and the picturesque surroundings with the boating facility at Mattupetty.

Here comes the mighty beast!

With the water in the reservoir being the main source to quench thirst for the wildlife, sightings of elephant herds are common.

With the famous Indo Swiss Livestock Project, Mattupetty also came to be known by another name; ‘cattle village’. As a part of the bilateral agreement between the Indian and the Swiss governments, the Indo Swiss farm project was launched in the year 1963. The dairy farm is located around 3 km away from Matupetty dam and one can find a number of high-yielding cattle belonging to different varieties being reared. At present, the project is handled by the Kerala Livestock Development and Marketing Board. With the dam, lake and the dairy farm Mattupetty provides a number of significant reasons on why one would want to visit the place.