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Attractions Nearby

With plenty to explore around, a day’s stay at The Wind Munnar won’t be sufficient to cover-up all the major attractions nearby. Anayirankal dam, Lockhart Gap, Muniyara (or the Dolmens), Powerhouse Waterfalls, etc. are just a few of the major attractions that lie close-by The Wind Munnar – Munnar’s premium cliff edge cottage. Many of these attractions offer wide variety of activities which one can enjoy. Like, Anayirankal dam is now a major tourist spot that offers boating facilities or like the visit to Kolukkumala, a journey which is ideal for jeep safari or a visit to the Muniyara (or the Dolmens) by trekking for about 1.5 km from The Wind Munnar. Other major attractions include the Bodimettu viewpoint, cultural program centre, Ayurveda treatment/Massage centre, etc. Explore around The Wind Munnar while you enjoy the most comfortable stay in munnar and turn the time spent here into an adventurous fun-filled memory that can be cherished for a lifetime!

Neelakurinji in Munnar

Explore Munnar when the purple coloured flower carpet covers the green landscape of Munnar. The Neelakurinji blooms once in 12 years leaving all those who witness it mesmerized. Located just 22 kms from our hotel in Munnar is Kolukkumalai where Neelakurinji is in its full glory. A comfortable stay in our hotel in Munnar along with the Neelakurinji package that offer Jeep Safari to the Neelakurinji blooming view point will be an ultimate combo. It’s now or in 2030! Pack your bags and set out to witness this eye soothing sight of Neelakurinji bloom with the Neelakurinji package from the Wind Munnar.

Anayirangal dam

This picturesque dam is located just 9 km from The Wind Munnar – premium resort. The place is surrounded by tea plantations, majority of them owned by the Tata Tea Group. With boating, a new venture as a part of Anayirankal Hydel Tourism Project, this place is now swarming with tourists. Another major attraction is the hanging bridge which connects the tea plantations oppositely. If lucky, one can also see herd of elephants coming down to the reservoir to quench their thirst. And so, the place got the name ‘Anayirankal’! Other activities include polarise drive and mountain biking.

Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari

Kolukkumalai is the second highest peak in south India and has the largest number of tea plantations in Munnar. Based on the altitude, soil type, climatic condition and the location, the tea grown here has a special taste. A jeep safari through Kolukkumalai will give one memories that could be cherished for a lifetime. Savour the rich aroma of fresh tea leaves as the jeep climbs through Kolukkumalai. The journey to and back from Kulukkumalai is a minimum 5 hr off-road journey.

Periyakanal Tea Factory Outlet

Located just 2.5 km from the resort, the Periyakanal tea factory is one among the oldest tea factories in Munnar. One could visit the factory’s outlet from where assorted flavoured tea and various other spices could be purchased. Another activity that can be done is a walk through the tea plantation. Savour in the rich aroma of fresh tea leaves and be rejuvenated.

Lockhart Gap

Providing a view as if a green carpet has been spread over the entire area, Lockhart Gap viewpoint is about 7 km from The Wind Munnar – the magnificent cliff edge cottage. The place is a paradise for both nature lovers and photo addicts alike. This place has a cave with an interesting story behind it, an incident which took place a long time ago. According to what had happened, a thief used to live in this cave and used to loot any who passed that way. The cave is known by the name ‘Malayil Kallan Guha’. Tourists now are excited about the cave and pass that area with their fingers crossed; remembering the incident that once took place there.

Power House Waterfalls

Powerhouse waterfalls are located just 4 km from The Wind Munnar, most sought after hotel in Munnar. The water from the falls which is at a height of 2000m, originates from Devikulam (otherwise known as Sita Devi Lake). According to legend, Sita Devi, the goddess from the ‘Ramayana’ epic bathed in this lake. Thus, bearing religious significance. The water from Devikulam is famous for being rich in minerals and oxides.

Muniyara (Dolmens)

The Dolmens, remainder of an ancient tribe is just 1 km from The Wind Munnar - cliff edge cottage. One could either take a short drive or trek for about 15 minutes (anytime during the day) to spot these Dolmens on the rocky terrain. These Dolmens, belonging to the Megalithic age are of great historical significance. Built up of 5 stones they were used as burial chambers.

Spice plantation

Famous for its richly flavoured spices, the spices from Kerala have been in the world market since a long time. Kerala, also known as the “Land of Spices”, has climatic conditions that best suit their growth. A leisurely stroll through the spice plantation would leave one refreshed. The fresh aroma of the spices and the cool atmosphere of Munnar; all together will give one a rejuvenating experience for a lifetime.

Bodimettu viewpoint

Bodimettu viewpoint Bodimettu, one among the highest peaks in South India is located along Munnar-Madurai Highway. It is near the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border. Rich in scenic beauty, Bodimettu viewpoint provides a clear and bird’s-eye view of Tamil Nadu and the town, Bodi. With its amazing view, this place is now a major tourist spot.

Cultural Program Centre (Mash Art/ Kathakali)

The Cultural Program Centre is located just 6 km away from the resort. It hosts Kathakali performances and mash art performances. Kathakali, one of the oldest theatre performances in the world is a must-see among tourists. Known for the heavy make-up, costumes and sharp gestures of the performer; this is among the favourites of all. One can watch the performance in the Cultural Program Centre during 5 pm to 6pm, or during 6pm to 7 pm.

Ayurveda Treatment/ Massage Centre

Treat yourself with an Ayurveda treatment/ massage. Relax and enjoy the treatment that will heal, enhance and detoxify the body, mind and soul. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the traditional Ayurvedic treatment. The massage centre is located at about 6 km from the resort.

Ayurvedic Spa

Pamper yourself with the small luxury of a spa treatment. Choose from a range of body treatments to facial treatments that can give one a memorable experience. The spa is located just 500 metres away from The Wind Munnar.