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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a strenuous activity that is very often one among the most-picked activity by adventure lovers. This daring sport demands both, the physical and mental strengths of a person. With a number of steep rock faces, Munnar offers one a great opportunity to perform the rock climbing activity. The activity is very often undertaken by sports lovers and adventure enthusiasts, who have great stamina; wherein, very often the climber’s physical strength, ability to maintain balance, his endurance level and agility and also his mental strengths are tested.

The rock climbing activity usually involves climbers climbing up or across a steep rocky surface with an aim to reach the summit of the rock formation or the end point on a pre-defined route. The rock climbing activity in Munnar is sure to gift one the best thrills of their lives. With the cool climatic conditions and the scenic beauty of the surroundings, one is bound to have a memorable experience.

There are different types of climbing. Some of them include, bouldering, deep water solo, free solo, ice, indoor, mountain, etc.; out of which one is rock climbing. In rock climbing the climbers do not usually climb down the rocky surface. This is because, the journey down the rocky surface after climbing to the top would demand more effort and endurance from the climber and also because of the fact that accidents are more likely to happen during descend than ascend.

Before embarking on the rock climbing activity, one should carefully pay attention to all the instructions given by the guide on how to use the climbing gear and the different points to be kept in mind while climbing. Put the instructions from the guides into action, be careful and take care yourselves; you are just about to enjoy the most adventurous times in your life safe and sound!