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Anayirankal Dam

Bordered by thick forests and tea plantations, is the turquoise - coloured waters of Anayirankal dam. Amidst the rich aroma of tea leaves, this evergreen place gives one that beautiful feeling of being so close to nature. Besides the scenic beauty, one could see herds of elephants and other wild animals coming in to quench their thirst. It seems that the name Anayirankal was in fact derived from this activity of the elephants.This place is also home to some rare species of seasonal birds. With abundant scenic beauty and a collection of wild animals, Anayirankal has all that would delight a nature enthusiast.

The introduction of boating facilities as a part of the Anayirankal Hydel Tourism Project now satisfies even the interests of thrill – seekers. Adventurers can opt for speed boats that could cruise around the dam, giving them the thrills they seek. And, those that enjoy the calm waters could choose the row boat. Facilities for sightseeing on a passenger boat is also available.

The development of Anayirankal dam as a part of Anayirankal Hydel Tourism Project was the visionary idea of Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (KHTC). KHTC is a society formed by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) to promote their Hydel Tourism Project in the state. This project investigates the possibilities of converting various reservoirs into major tourist spots while conserving them.

Maintaining high standards of safety and providing good facilities for sanitation and other facilities like eateries, Anayirankal dam is now all set to cater every tourist's expectation.